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Sizzling Summer Adventures in Stillwater, Minnesota 2024

The sun is starting to shining, and Stillwater, Minnesota, is gearing up with summer vibes.

Get ready to dive into the coolest activities and hottest spots this season. Whether you're a local or just passing through, here's your ultimate guide to making the most of Summer 2024 in Stillwater!

1. St. Croix River Cruise: Set sail on the St. Croix River and let the gentle breeze whisk you away. Picture this: panoramic views, fresh air, and maybe a dolphin or two if you're lucky! It's the ultimate way to soak up the sun while enjoying the scenic beauty that Stillwater has to offer.

2. Ice Cream Trail Extravaganza: Cool down with a sweet treat! Stillwater is home to some fantastic ice cream parlors. Take a stroll and embark on your own "Ice Cream Trail." Each shop is a new flavor adventure waiting to be discovered. Pro tip: Try a new flavor at each stop – your taste buds will thank you!

3. Rivertown Art Walk: Unleash your inner art critic with the Rivertown Art Walk. Wander through charming streets adorned with local art, murals, and sculptures. It's like a free outdoor gallery that changes around every corner. Don't forget your camera – these spots are Instagram-worthy!

4. Beach Day at Square Lake Park: Escape the city heat and head to Square Lake Park for a day of sun, sand, and picnics. It's a local favorite, offering a pristine beach and plenty of shady spots for a relaxing afternoon. Pack your sunscreen and get ready to soak up those rays!

5. Stillwater Zephyr Theatre Nights: Make your summer nights magical with a visit to the Stillwater Zephyr Theatre. From live performances to outdoor movie nights, this charming venue is a hub for entertainment. Grab your blanket and enjoy the show under the stars!

6. Historic Main Street Shopping Spree: Indulge your inner shopaholic on Stillwater's Historic Main Street. Boutique shops, antique treasures, and unique finds await. Treat yourself to a little retail therapy – you deserve it!

There you have it – your passport to an unforgettable summer in Stillwater, Minnesota. So, lace up those adventure sandals, grab your shades, and let the summer escapades begin! See you on the flip side of fun!

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